A Science Fiction Mystery by Michael Cherkas and Larry Hancock

Caliber Comics Reprints of The Silent Invasion .

Issue #1 - Atomic Spies

Union City. May 1952. Reporter Matt Sinkage is investigating a rash of flying saucer sightings in the Union City area when he is suddenly ordered to stop. But Matt's passion for UFOs is not just professional -- it became very personal six months earlier when he had his own close encounter -- an encounter which he can no longer remember. Meanwhile, Matt's reporter instincts have led him to suspect his mysterious and reclusive neighbour, Ivan Kalashnikov, of being a communist spy bent on stealing America's atomic secrets. Then, late one night after a few too many beers, Matt helps Kalashnikov's beautiful assistant, Gloria Amber, excape from two men whom she claims are "red agents," but who turn out to actually be agents for the FBI. Matt and Gloria are on the run ...

Also in this issue: A reprint of the only Silent Invasion story to have ever appeared outside of a Silent Invasion comic book or graphic album.

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Issue #2 - Secrets and Insidious Machinations

FBI agent Phil Housley's agents close in on Matt and the mysterious Gloria Amber who are hiding at the home of Matt's brother, where Matt faces his most deadly enemy yet -- his sister-in-law Katie. Meanwhile we find out that Housley has his own secret reasons for wanting Matt found. And Matt and Gloria spend the night together in a cheap motel.

Also in this issue: A nifty recap of "Who's Who" in the first two issues and a reprint of the very first Dick Mallet story by Michael Cherkas.
Issue #3 - The Stubbinsville Connection

Our first glimpse of the mysterious Council. Matt and Gloria's cross-country flight continues as they are pursued by both Housley's agents and Kalashinkov's henchmen (or is that Housley's henchmen and Kalashnikov's agents?).

Also in this issue: Michael and Larry choose the comics they would want to have with them if they were shipwrecked on a desert island, and a reprint of a short, simple, but very effective story entitled "A Suburban Nightmare."
Issue #4 - A Pink Slip for a Pinko

Matt remembers the evening of his abduction and Phil Housely makes good on his promise to ruin Sinkage as Matt is accused of being a communist, loses his job and then his apartment. Matt's investigation into the UFOs stalls, until he gets a surprise phone call from the missing detective, Dick Mallet. Part one of our "Red Shadows" storyline.

Also in this issue: Printed for the first time ever, the "lost" Dick Mallet story.
Issue #5 - Identity Crisis

Phil Housley and the Council search for Matt Sinkage who has fled Union City to hide from the saucers and his own nightmares. But in the restful mountain cabin, Matt goes through an "Identity Crisis" as he is betrayed by his fiancee Peggy and ultimately learns ... the truth?

Also in this issue: Kidnapped By Aliens!, or "How We Became Involved in This Crazy, Mixed-Up World of Comic Books", being the not-so-secret origin of The Silent Invasion.
Issue #6 - What We Really Know About Flying Saucers

Betrayed by the person he loves the most, Matt enters into an uneasy alliance with Phil Housley in order to reveal the truth behind the alien invasion. And Forbes, that sinister member of The Council, plays a trump card!

Note that the published cover was slightly different than the cover we have reproduced here - since it was released at Christmas time, we added a bit of holiday spirit before the book went to press.

Also in this issue: The "last" Dick Mallet story, reprinted from the sixth issue of the Renegade Press series. This story ends where The Silent Invasion issue #1 began!
Ivan Kalashnikov/Dick Mallet
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