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A Science Fiction Mystery by Michael Cherkas and Larry Hancock

The Silent Invasion is available as four Graphic Albums from NBM Publishing
The Cover of Combined Album #1 and 2 Book One - Secret Affairs/Red Shadows

Voleumes 1 and 2 are finally avaliable again!

Out of print for several years, NBM has brought these albums back in a combined edition. This book includes the complete contents of Albums #1 and #2 described below, with new interior design by Michael Cherkas.
The Cover of Album #1 Book One - Secret Affairs
Out of Print - But now available in Combined album above!

May 1952. Reporter Matt Sinkage's probings into UFO sightings in the area of Union City take a strange twist when he himself disappears for six hours and returns with no memory of the experience. He is temporarily diverted from his investigations when he begins to suspect that his neighbour, Ivan Kalashnikov is an Atomic Spy intent on stealing America's secrets for the Soviets. When he falls head over heels for Kalashnikov's attractive but secretive secretary, Gloria Amber, the two are pursued crosscountry by agents of Kalashnikov and the FBI, all of whom are intent on capturing Gloria. And behind all of this, there lurks the mysterious and sinister Council.

"I first ran across The Silent Invasion in a local Hollywood comics shop. This was its original serialized version, published by Renegade Press. Michael Cherkas' artwork was irresistible in its simplicity, clarity, and attention to detail. The substance of the book seemed to be a sendup of fifties film classics like Invasion of the Body Snatchers and I Married a Monster from Outer Space, all of which terrorized my childhood just the way I loved to be terrorized. I must admit I did my best, at first, to ignore the unsettling feeling that The Silent Invasion was more than entertainment. The dialogue had the sharp crackle of reportage, of things seen and heard rather than things imagined. It was too convincing, too utterly real to be what it pretended to be."
 --Frank Miller (from his introduction to Volume 1)
The Cover of Album #2 Book Two - Red Shadows
Out of Print - But now available in Combined album above!

Matt Sinkage loses his job after he is publicly accused of being a communist. More convinced than ever that aliens are infiltrating society, Matt's paranoia drives him into hiding. Life is apparently idyllic for Matt until he is found at his mountain retreat by his fiancee, Peggy Black. But Peggy is different now - strangely, subtly, sinisterly different. Matt must enter into an uneasy alliance with FBI agent Phil Housley in order to expose the alien threat to Union City and the world.

("Hancock's smart, slangy dialogue ... and Cherkas' blocky black-and-white artwork have the melodramatic charge of theme music from Perry Mason."
 --Macleans Magazine
The Cover of Album #3 Book Three - Tarnished Dreams

Now working for a weekly newspaper in the small town of Rockhaven, Matt Sinkage is living a quiet life, having put his "crazy" notions about flying saucers behind him. But that all changes when his editor assigns him to do a story on gentle Gladys Turner and her Sirian Utopia Foundation. As Matt digs deeper, he begins to fear there are aliens about and that they have possessed the minds and bodies of several prominent citizens, including Senator Harrison Callahan. Phil Housley reappears, in search of several missing scientists. Together they try to discover the sinister and deadly secret behind the flying saucer cult and its charismatic leader, Jeffrey Simpson III.

"This isn't just the Fifties of America under the microscope; it's a well-characterised, savage tale of the fears we all have about everyday life, moulded into something that leaves more questions than answers with each chapter. Paranoia doesn't end on the last page of a book; we all have our own secret fears. If you needed another reason for looking over your shoulder, there are plenty here!"
The Cover of Album #4 Book Four - The Great Fear

Senator Harrison Callahan is running for President of the United States. Phil Housley, as an agent of the mysterious Council is acting as Callahan's bodyguard in order to protect him from one man - Matt Sinkage, who believes that Callahan is a stooge for the alien menace. If Callahan is elected, the aliens will control the greatest country on earth. Sinkage will do anything to reveal the alien menace - anything!

"One of the year's ten best comics .. Both (Hancock)'s and (Cherkas)'s vision seems to spill from the same fever-dream of dimly remembered images and horrors that it's hard to believe this is the work of a team and not a lone, obsessed cartoonist. This is one of the most unsettling comics I've ever read ... This is a very original work, of great potential."
 --Amazing Heroes

Peggy Black/Gloria Amber

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