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by Michael Cherkas and Larry Hancock, with John van Bruggen

The Suburban Nightmares stories are available in two Graphic Albums from NBM Publishing
Temporary Cover for Suburban Nightmares Album #1 Album One - The Science Experiment

Suburban Nightmares: The Science Experiment contains the following stories:
"The Science Experiment" - What happens when the government sets up the "perfect" planned community within sight of the magnificent mushroom clouds of the Nevada testing range?
"Be Home Before It Gets Dark!" - A young boy disobeys his parents and comes home after dark. But is it really his house? And who or what is waiting for him?
"Buster Takes a Nap" - The Archers are the only family in the neighbourhood who own a bomb shelter. They'll never need it though - or will they?
"The Inheritance" - It's war between the neighbourhood kids and Old Man Podubny - until one of the boys disappears!
"Just Another Joe" - Stanley Morrison worked hard to move his family to a better life in the suburbs. But when his neighbours shun him, he turns to the ideals of his idol, Senator Joseph McCarthy, for his salvation.
"For All We Know" - Ellen Nelson's baby disappears for half an hour. Now, eleven years later, she is positive that the child she has raised is not her son - not even human!
"The Seven Thirty Three" - Bob Nevin is a man who loves his routine - he eats the same breakfast every day, reads the same paper at the same time every day ... When he misses his regular morning train, he steps off a later train into another world!
"Suburban Blight" - One man's battle against his deadliest enemy - the dandelion!
"June 1953" - Dad returns home from a hard day at work and announces to the family that in twenty-seven days, friendly aliens will be coming to take the whole family to a better world!
Album Two - Childhood Secrets

Suburban Nightmares: Childhood Secrets contains the following stories:
"Secrets" is the story of the search for a young boy who disappears after being punished by his father when the boy wins a prize while appearing on the "Captain Crimson" television show. But then the child disappears and it is up to police Lieutenant Bob Lafleur to find the boy, and the kidnapper. Things become complicated when Captain Crimson is killed!
"Foster Child" - A young boy begins to suspect that his parents are alien spies - and then realizes that means that he too is not human. Is he right?
"Mister Ford" - A young boy befriends an elderly man who has moved into the neighbourhood in the middle of the night - a man whom most people don't believe exists. But who is outside in the van, constantly watching the old man's house?
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