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Our Publisher
NBM Logo NBM Publishing
Publishers of fine graphic albums from Europe and North America. Check out all of their great books!

The NBM site also includes artwork from the albums which is unavailable here on our site. To find that artwork, go to the NBM site, click on "Humor" on the frame and from the "Humor" page, click "Cherkas".

To order our graphic albums from the NBM site, go to the main NBM page then click on "Ordering Books."

Our Agents
Hollywood Comics Hollywood Comics
Hollywood Comics (Randy and Jean-Marc Lofficier) represent our comic book properties to the media. Check out their website for information on their other many clients and upcoming projects.

If you would like to check out their "Hancock and Cherkas" page, click here.

Great Alternate Comics Sites

Action Planet Comics Logo Action Planet Comics
Mike Manley and associates bring you comic book fun and mayhem
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