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Cover of The Silent Invasion Graphic Album #1 

Welcome to Secret Messages

 Secret Messages is where you will find out all about the comic book and graphic album works of Larry Hancock and Michael Cherkas. In the attached pages you will find ... 

What's New --  Here we will keep you informed as to projects we are currently developing, with sneak previews of story and artwork. We'll also list convention appearances. 
The Silent Invasion -- Our graphic novel of UFOs, paranoia and government conspiracies sett in 1950s America. 
Suburban Nightmares -- Short stories  where "Leave it to Beaver" meets "The Twilight Zone" 
The New Frontier -- Where movie stars live beyond their own deaths, so long as it suits the political need ... 
Hey Kids! Comics! -- Psst! Want to buy one of our albums, or comics books? 
Legal Mumbo Jumbo -- All that information about copyright and trademarks that no one wants to read, so we hide it over here where you don't have to look at it if you don't want to 

(The Silent Invasion) is one of the most disturbing, and ultimately terrifying, works ever to grace the comics medium ... It is the combination of a straight-forward, serious, but complex narrative and the moody, haunting artwork that makes The Silent Invasion a memorable novel, "Graphic" or otherwise. These big people with little heads lumbering through starkly black and white landscapes touched with occasional ambiguous gray inhabit a nightmare world that is all the more frightening because is is recognizably our own"  
 --Max Allan Collins (from his introduction to Volume 2 of The Silent Invasion)

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