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Cover of The Silent Invasion Combined Album #1 and #2  Before the X-Files were opened, there was an invasion, a Silent Invasion.  

Inspired by childhood memories of alien invasions, real and imagined, and black and white movies and television programs like Invasion of the Body Snatchers, The Outer Limits and The Twilight Zone, Larry Hancock and Michael Cherkas created the cult classic series The Silent Invasion.

Set against the backdrop of the early 1950's cold-war, red-scare hysteria, The Silent Invasion is the story of reporter Matt Sinkage's routine probing into flying saucer sightings. His investigation leads him to believe that the UFOs are real and that there is an insidious alien conspiracy to take control of the hearts and minds of the American people. Chasing the conspiracy from small-town America right up to the White House, Matt becomes increasingly paranoid as he sees friends become enemies and enemies become aliens.

The Silent Invasion combines a suspense-filled plot with a dollop of humour and a heaping measure of good old-fashioned story-telling that should appeal to any main-stream comic reader who wants to expand his reading beyond the super-hero genre. And Michael Cherkas' solid European-influenced artwork will please any fans of alternative comics.

The Silent Invasion is a graphic novel, available in four albums from NBM Publishing. It was originally published as a twelve issue comic book series by Renegade Press. The first two books have been reprinted by Caliber Comics as six comic books.

"A series that will undoubtedly become a classic ... This comic has it all: great plotting, humor, suspense and excellent, stylized black-and-white drawings. In a science fiction mystery steeped in '50s Americana, everyone drives big, bulbous Buicks, the men have shoulders like linebackers, and there's a Red under every bed."
 --Publishers Weekly

Cover of Secret Messages #4
Secret Messages
On-going Series from NBM Comics!!

Yes, that's right! The new Silent Invasion story which we began in the Caliber Comics as a mini-series in May 1998 is finally seeing the light of day in its entirety. Caliber only published one issue, and we published the second issue as a mini-comic. But now the entire series will be printed in comic book form by NBM, on a quarterly basis. The first issue went on sale in comic shops in May 2001, the second issue in August and successive issues will be published quarterly.

For more details including covers and samples of artwork, click here.
Cover of The Silent Invasion Graphic Album #2
The Graphic Albums

For more information on the NBM graphic albums, including covers and samples of interior artwork, click here.

"Everything you always loved about the 1950s is here under two covers. A very worthy work by two of Canada's most original creators"
Image of Fridge Magnets
Fridge Magnets

We've prepared a set of four refrigerator magnets using Michael's artwork from various covers. They look really terrific! Click here for a larger image of all four magnets.
You will find us selling these magnets when we make convention appearances. You can also order sets directly from us. More information can be found on our order page

Cover of Caliber Comics Reprint #1
Caliber Comics Reprints

During 1996, Caliber Comics reprinted the first two books of The Silent Invasion in six comic books. For more information, including cover illustrations, click here.

"Outstanding! ... Comics in its purest form ... expressive, commentative -- fun!"
--Matt Wagner

"Delightful! ... The Silent Invasion is real fun, kinda like Red Commies from Mars fluid drive fifties UFO paranoia flicks. Eccentric, good stuff."
--Tom Sutton
Matt Sinkage/Phil Housley
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