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by Michael Cherkas and Larry Hancock, with John van Bruggen
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Cover of Suburban Nightmares #1 comic book Where "The Twilight Zone" meets "Leave It To Beaver"

Have you ever wondered where all those suburban fathers really go when they climb on that commuter train into the city every morning? Or why dandelions thrive on your lawn, but not in any other yard? As a child, did you ever come home late at night, only to be uncertain as to whether the house you had entered was really your house?

If so, then you can understand why Michael Cherkas and Larry Hancock want to unsettle you once again with that creepy, uncomfortable feeling when you read their Suburban Nightmares stories about the trials and tribulations of growing up, working, and living in suburbia.

Suburban Nightmares is a series of short and medium-length stories told in comic book/graphic album form. Suburban Nightmares originally appeared as a backup feature in The Silent Invasion, also by Michael Cherkas and Larry Hancock, and then graduated to its own four issue comic book. These stories were collected into a single graphic album by NBM Publishing of New York.

Since then they have published several other Suburban Nightmares stories which have appeared in various anthology comics and which have been collected into a second graphic album.

Cover of Suburban Nightmares Graphic Album #2
Suburban Nightmares Graphic Albums

The Suburban Nightmares stories are available in two graphic albums from NBM Publishing. For more information about the series, including downloadable images of the covers, samples of interior artwork and story synopses, click here.

"Suburban Nightmares shares the unique look of The Silent Invasion -- simple characters, almost caricatures, given depth and density by exaggeratedly bold lines and lots of solid blacks. Influenced by European cartoonists, it's a style perfectly suited for human storytelling."
 --Amazing Heroes

"There's mystery, drama, even future shock in this excellent book, with its sights set firmly on smalltown America in the fifties. Yet another delight from Messrs. Hancock, Cherkas and van Bruggen."
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